About Us

Ever fast Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 1997 with motive to OFFER PEACE OF MIND, is an IATA recognized freight forwarder and are ISO 9001:2008 certified company by URS. We specialize into air, sea, export and imports. We strongly believe that we are into communication business and transportation is part of it. Equipped with the array of services we are well prepared to accept any challenges evolved from current market trends and Endeavour to encourage your aspirations. We value time. The rules and regulations of international trade become more complex every day. It is vital that every exporter and importer sophisticated or novice, outsource these functions to experts who are experienced, informed and dedicated to the ultimate success of their business partnership.


Everfast-The Company

As an IATA and Multimodal Transport Operator and Duly ISO 9001-2008 certified company by URS for providing international Forwarding services. We are proud to be a team of energetic and dedicated personnel working uncompetitive atmosphere and everyone specialize in their respective fields/ activities. We are with notice “FOR YOU AT ALL TIMES” are geared up to handle your export and import consignments and assure you of our commitment to your cargo/business. We also ensure dispatch of all post shipments documents, well in time for early realization of your payments and remittances. Ever fast is an offer you should not refuse. Because together, with your cooperation and our expertise here in India, we will forge solid, compliant trade programs. We shoulder the administrative burden of international trade compliance and logistics design so you can focus on your goals in the global market place. Ultimately, we assist you in minimizing risk and maximizing profit.